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Each store handles registration for classes at its own location. To register, call your preferred location and ask to register for the specific class you have in mind.

You must pay the class fee to complete the registration process, so give your credit card information to the store clerk or deliver a check or cash to the store right away (ask the clerk who to make the check out to - each store has its own process). You don't want someone else to claim the spot you wanted.

Once registered, you may either ask the store or contact Elizabeth directly about a supply list for your class. Remember, each store offers a discount on the purchase of supplies to registered students, but you will have to let them know you qualify for the discount.

Two-Way 48-Hour Cancellation Policy:

1. If the minimum registration for a class is not met 48 hours before the class is scheduled to start, the class will be cancelled. You will be notified using the contact information you supplied when you registered, and your class fee will not be processed.

2. You need to cancel more than 48 hours prior to the first class to avoid paying the class fee. This allows us to fill that space in the class, or make that hard decision about class minimums.


I have great students and we have a wonderful time together. Here are my standards, set to maximize the good times:
  • Respecting the equipment means using it as directed, not causing it or others harm.
  • Respecting the store means following its policies about food, drinks, and behavior (we can't be loud during store hours).
  • Respecting other people means sharing tools, being helpful not hurtful, listening well and saying only what you would want someone else to say to you.
I reserve the right to protect this kind of atmosphere.


Learning to sew is work! That means you will get hungry and thirsty when you sew, so please bring a "tidy" snack to class. Please bring nothing with sauce or seasonings (like nacho chips) that can spread around to the fabric and tools. Also, please make sure your drink has a lid on it to prevent spills. (See below for store specifics about snacks.)

Beaverton Mill End Store
4955 SW Western Avenue
Beaverton OR 97005

The Beaverton Mill End Store, "where fabric is our passion," is a large fabric store that sells a wide variety of fabrics, including home dec, bridal/special occasion, fine fabrics, cottons, knits, and outerwear fabrics as well as many sewing supplies. The staff is very knowledgeable and can help you with any project. The store's large classroom is back by the patterns and has its own bathroom, which makes it a great set up for classes. The door latches, so equipment can be left there overnight.

Store policy on food:
No food or beverages are allowed in the store, but they are allowed in the classroom. Therefore, you need to bring anything to class in a closed container inside another container, so the staff can be sure the store's fabric will not be damaged.

Donna & Toots
3574 SE Division Street
Portland OR 97202

Donna & Toots is located in Portland, Oregon. Their clothing, fashion accessories, and fabric intermingle with their workspace allowing for them to interact with their wonderful clients while they create. Their classroom is a large, brightly-lit room at the back of their store, where machines and class supplies are secure overnight.

Store policy on food:
Snacks and drinks are allowed in the store, but please bring drinks with lids and tidy snacks so everything stays clean.
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