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Why the age limits?  Sewing involves manual dexterity, focus, memory, energy management and sustained focus. Also, it is harder for small people to cut, iron, and operate a sewing machine comfortably. As a plus, the camps have projects designed for specific age groups, so they’ll make things they like.

Do boys take sewing camps?    The creative and logical process of sewing, plus operating a power tool (AKA sewing machine) are exciting to both boys and girls.

How does my child get into a camp for the higher skill level projects?    Each camp is open to campers from any skill level. Click your camper’s starting skill level when you register, and register for several camps so your camper can build their skills quickly.

How do I register for a camp?   Fill out and submit the online registration form, then pay the PayPal invoice—or mail me a check. Your registration will be complete when I receive your payment; the class list is updated in the order that payment is received.

My child has special needs or medical issues; how can I notify you?   The registration form has a place for you to tell me about that, and we can discuss it more fully as needed. It’s important to plan so every student can enjoy camp.

What should we bring to camp?    Bring a tidy snack and a drink with a lid (in a bag, so everything stays clean), and the project supplies for your camper’s skill level. See the supply list for details.

Why should my child bring a snack?   Sewing is not just fun, it is work. S/he will need a little break to eat and recharge during camp.

Why do we need to get supplies for the camp?     Part of the fun of sewing is choosing the fabrics. That’s how campers get excited about their projects, so they’ll work to make that unique item and be proud of it. Click here see the supply list.

How can I save money on the supplies?   Shop at the host store. They offer a 20% discount on camp supplies the week before camp. Also, the staff will know what works best for each project, and that will save you even more money.

How do the kids get so much done during camp?   Camp size is limited, projects are selected carefully, and we have awesome campers! Also, we foster and protect an atmosphere of fun and mutual respect.

  • Respect the equipment by using it as directed, n ot causing it damage or harming others.
  • Respect other people by sharing tools, being helpful, listening well and saying only what you would want someone else to say to you.
  • Respect the store by following its policies about food, drinks, and behavior/noise.

What if I need to cancel? It can happen. Here are the details:

  • Cancellations more than three weeks before class will forfeit a $30 deposit.
  • Cancellations between 21 and 10 days before class will be forfeit a $60 processing fee.
  • There will be no refunds on cancellations less than 10 days before camp.

Can you tell me about the camp locations? Here you go:

Beaverton Mill End Store , 4955 SW Western Avenue, Beaverton OR 97005; 503-646-3000

The Beaverton Mill End Store, "where fabric is our passion," is a large fabric store that sells a wide variety of fabrics and many sewing supplies. The staff is very knowledgeable and can help you with any project. The store's large classroom is toward the back of the store. The classroom door latches, so equipment and supplies are secure overnight.

Donna & Toots, 3574 SE Division Street, Portland OR 97202; 503-241-5570

At Donna & Toots their clothing, fashion accessories, and fabric intermingle in their workspace, allowing workers to interact with clientele while they sew. The classroom is a large, brightly-lit room at the back of their store, where machines and class supplies are secure overnight.

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