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Welcome to Sew Fabulous, a business devoted to spreading the joy of sewing. We believe that sewing is not only useful, but

Creative - even the most ordinary things you make express your unique vision
Satisfying - you create something durable that is just the way you wanted it
Integrative - you use multiple senses and think in several ways as you sew
Soothing - it is peaceful and refreshing to focus on the one thing you are making
Spring Break is just around the corner and, this year, I am offering half-day sewing workshops and private lessons for those of you who are staying in town. Workshops at the Beaverton Mill End will be on Monday through Wednesday, March 27-29, and Donna & Toots Workshop on SE Division will host workshops March 30-31. Contact me for more information!

If you want to set up private lessons for your child or a group of your friends, email me your preferred dates and times, and we'll make it happen!

Summer 2017 is just around the corner, and I'm preparing great opportunities for the "in Portland" part of your summer. Watch:
  • Kids Sewing Camps (for ages 8 and up) and Teen Sewing Camps (for ages 10 and up) allow campers to grow their skills as they make fun projects from the four graduated levels of my curriculum.
  • Wait, seven-year-olds want to sew, too! Young Sew·ers Workshops provide fun projects, close supervision, and the shorter time frame they need to feed their enthusiasm for sewing.
  • Private and semi-private lessons are a great option for people who'd like some focused instruction at the time that works best for them.
  • Let's not forget adults' Drop-In Sewing! Learn to use a sewing machine, install a zipper, make the inside of a project look good, finish a project or fit a pattern before you make it. Whether for your normal life, a special event, or cosplay creations, we want to help you bring what you imagine to life. And you get to chat with other interesting people while you do it.
Yes, sewing is for everyone. I do believe my motto...

"The Joy of Sewing for the Joy of Life"

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