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Welcome to Sew Fabulous, a business devoted to spreading the joy of sewing. We believe that sewing is not only useful, but

Creative - even the most ordinary things you make express your unique vision
Satisfying - you create something durable that is just the way you wanted it
Integrative - you use multiple senses and think in several ways as you sew
Soothing - it is peaceful and refreshing to focus on the one thing you are making

Check our Spring Break and Summer sewing camp offerings for kids at either the Beaverton Mill End or Donna & Toots on SE Division. East and west side camps have different formats, so you can choose what suits you best.

A few kids' sewing workshops remain for Portland and Beaverton School District Budget Reduction Days. It's a great way to spend time with a friend or two, making cool stuff that will impress everyone! These workshops have been so much fun I often forgot to take pictures, but you'll find a few in my Photo Gallery.

Adult classes at Donna & Toots include a button-up shirt class and some knits classes, with more in the planning stage. Or come to Drop-In Sewing at the Beaverton Mill End for the help you need to reach your sewing goal—or for the fun of sewing with other people.

Want a private lesson? That's an option, too. My goal is to help you discover...

"The Joy of Sewing for the Joy of Life"

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