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Welcome to Sew Fabulous, a business devoted to spreading the joy of sewing. We believe that sewing is not only useful, but

Creative - even the most ordinary things you make express your unique vision
Satisfying - you create something durable that is just the way you wanted it
Integrative - you use multiple senses and think in several ways as you sew
Soothing - it is peaceful and refreshing to focus on the one thing you are making
It's time for summer camp sign-ups! This year, my sewing camps are all in Beaverton, and I'm teaming up with Joyce A., another highly skilled sew-er and teacher.

2 teachers + 6 to 8 campers = lots of attention + sewing success + fun

But teaching sewing isn't only for kids. Drop-In Sewing is for adults and more mature young people, pre-teen or older. Learn to sew, make a pattern fit, adjust a garment, get going on a project. With one of my sewing machines, you can even sew something before deciding whether to buy a sewing machine.

Is your schedule packed? Do you prefer focused attention when learning? Then private lessons are for you. Do you have a friend who wants to sew too? Semi-private lessons are a great way to spend time with a friend while learning—friendly, less intense, but still focused.

Whether you want to make a personalized craft or clothes that fit, sewing is fabulous. I do believe my motto...

"The Joy of Sewing for the Joy of Life"

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