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Welcome to Sew Fabulous, a business devoted to spreading the joy of sewing. We believe that sewing is not only useful, but

Creative - even the most ordinary things you make express your unique vision
Satisfying - you create something durable that is just the way you wanted it
Integrative - you use multiple senses and think in several ways as you sew
Soothing - it is peaceful and refreshing to focus on the one thing you are making
Summer always brings a change of pace. School schedules give way to summer camps and getaways that provide a different rhythm - hopefully allowing time to simply enjoy the beauty in life. Normally, my summer is a busy stream of sewing camps with wonderful kids using a sewing machine to make projects they are proud of.

This year I will be changing my own pace. I will be taking a sabbatical June 1 through August 31, 2017 to pursue some advanced professional education. This special opportunity will require my full attention. So, no camps, no private lessons, no sewing clients.

The only exception will be Drop-In Sewing for adults - and mature teens with Level 3 sewing skills or beyond.

I will miss you, summer campers!! Please send me emails with photos of your personal sewing projects. I would love to see them!

If you'd like to schedule private lessons for the fall, please contact me after August 20.

Yes, sewing is for everyone (including me!). I do believe my motto...

"The Joy of Sewing for the Joy of Life"

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